List of the Best Baby Shower Gifts

Baby shower is one of the most significant day in the life of every woman. It is as important as the wedding and anniversaries. Well, a baby shower is a party where women celebrate the future birth of a baby. A pregnant mother receives a great plenty of presents in that day. So, how to choose the best baby shower gift in Singapore? Let’s talk about it in our article.

Baby shower gifts

Gift #1

The best accessory at any baby shower party is a pair of nice booties. There are so many cute baby booties in the online stores. Booties are made from various materials: leather or fabric. You can find something for age 0+ or 6 months. Quality booties will support the baby’s growing feet.

Gift #2

Infants sleep a lot, but when they do not sleep they want to entertain. If you are going to a baby shower party, buy an amazing bouncy seat. Usually, these seats are of different shapes, textures and colors. They include some toys, hanging on the bar above. A child can listen to a sweet melody or watch the blinking lights.

Gift #3

Another great thing to present for a pregnant woman and her child is a play mat. The mats are soft and very colorful. Almost all modern play mats are washable. It is great advantage for parents. You can consider buying the play mat from such popular brands as Tiny Love, Fisher Price, Tummy Time or Chicco.

Gift #4

Make a bunch of flowers from onesies and other cute baby clothes. It will be the most original and creative gift. Firstly, purchase several sets of clothes for infants. Then roll every item into beautiful flowers, like roses and make a bunch. Also, you can buy diapers and create a cake from them and tie it with a ribbon.

Gift #5

Gifts for nursing mothers will be very useful. There are various accessories and products on the market of baby products. For example, you can present a nursing bag, bottle, nursing bra with breast pads or special pillow for comfortable nursing. Actually, all future mothers should be provided with a comfortable place for the breastfeeding. You can think about purchasing a comfortable armchair.

Gift #6

Present a good car seat for an infant. It will be a wise investment in the safety of future baby. For newborns you can choose a rear-facing seat or a new i-Size car seat. If parents have a car, they will like this gift.

Gift #7

Find and present a carrier for a future newborn. The baby carriers and slings are produced by many brands: Aprica, Maclaren, Lucky Baby. The price varies from $30 and to $200. This product helps mummies to do ordinary everyday things carrying the baby. Mummies have two free hands, wearing the sling. All baby carriers are subdivided into slings, front carrier and wrap. Definitely, it will be a nice gift for a pregnant woman. After birth of her child she will be able to travel, walk and go shopping, carrying baby in the sling.