How to choose the best bus charter service in Singapore?

When it comes to choosing the best bus charter service, you are left with quite a few options. Using this as a reference guide, you should be able to make a decision for yourself quite easily. The first thing you need to know is to make up your mind about the kind of bus you’re looking for if you are with a group or with family. Depending upon the size of your group or your family, you can consider the options. The most common type of bus that most of the bus charter service Singapore use is a motor coach or deluxe motor coach.


The second most common type of bus is called an entertainer or a sleeper. The name is pretty self-explanatory because there is a whole lot of things you can do inside the bus and make it a fun place. Any good charter bus Singapore will have a lot of luxuries in it that you won’t be expecting so your trip will be off to a good start in Singapore. You can book the entertainer for as many days as you want or you can enjoy your trip in Singapore in the best possible way.

If you are on a trip to Singapore with your office colleagues or with your boss, then the best option in that case is to book an Executive Coach. They are also called “day coaches” and they have all the luxuries and facilities that one might need on their business trip to Singapore. The most important and attractive characteristic of these buses is that they are characterized by being full size and also have office or lounge interiors for business use. Therefore, these kinds of buses are perfect for business trips and you can book them from any good bus charter service Singapore.

Next in the line is a Limo bus or a party bus which is most suitable for young people who are off to have the best time of their lives in Singapore. The most attractive feature of these buses is that they have on-board attendant serving drinks so it’s full party scene on all the time in the bus. These kind of charter bus Singapore are also a great choice for weddings or a night out to take a tour around the city.

Besides that, one can use Trolleys that can be booked from JQ travel –  bus charter service Singapore. The special thing about the trolleys is that they offer a range of seating from 20 to 58 people so even if you have a large group, it can accommodate you easily. They are perfect for weddings or other local events where you are expecting big numbers of people to arrive. Therefore, transporting them will be no problem and they will remember the quality of bus service they were offered. Chartering a bus is not difficult but what matters is the type of bus you charter so you can easily meet your needs.