Why Should LED High Bay Light Fixtures in Your Factory

LED high bay light fixtures by common knowledge to use less energy as compared to traditional HPS and metal halides. They are by design durable as well as they stay for many years. Before the use of the LED, some features should be considered. Below are three key features or rather reasons that are integral for consideration:

Temperature. LED high bay light fixtures exist on low temperatures in that they are cooler than the fluorescent bulbs. This property contributes to their lesser heat emission even after staying switched on for longer periods. They create a cool atmosphere inside the house at all times no matter how high the temperatures may rise during summer. Less power is thus required in the air-conditioning units due to the lower temperatures maintained in the house or room. Maintaining the temperature at the recommended levels is also made simpler as a whole.

Bugs. Just as rubbish or food leftovers attract rodents so does light conventionally attract bugs due to the UV light emitted. Bugs such as mosquitoes pose a nuisance distraction in the night when one is asleep. However, with LED panel lights this is not an issue to worry about as no UV rays are emitted or almost none. Even with LED lights installed all around the house, little or no bugs are expected inside the vicinity of the lights installed.

Instantaneous light. To measure the full light in a factory, the illumination coverage of the whole factory is used or by checking the speed it takes to do so. With the LED high bay light fixtures, just a flick at the switch ensures an instantaneous illumination given their wider field coverage. This makes LED lights more reliable than the traditional house lights. Switching off the traditional lights immediately after being turned on given their slackening time in lighting, shelf life results at a high rate. This may lead to high costs incurred by residents in the end compared to LED lights. High turnover rates are as well expected when replacing or changing the traditional lights.


As an addition to the key features, LED lights are a future step towards energy efficient lights. Once installed in an entire factory, not only the owner will enjoy substantial savings brought about by the low electricity consumption but also enjoy an instantaneous well-illuminated vicinity in the factory. The factory owner is also bound to benefit from the longer LED lights lifespan thus being cost effective regarding savings in the long run.

LED high bay light are a key advancement regarding technology and a step towards future development. With their essential advantages compared to the traditional high bay lights, LED lights should be embraced in homes as well as factories as we gear into the future of upgraded and advanced technologies that are time-saving, durable and reliable. More benefits than constraints are guaranteed with the use of LED lights. Let’s incorporate this new technology to our homes and factories and enjoy their sufficiency.