Asian vs. Western Cuisine – Punggol Western Food

I think that the best way to involve yourself in a different culture while traveling is to try some local specialties and indulge in unique and foreign foods. You should unquestionably do a bit of research on what food to try and in which restaurants and Cafes to grab a table before you go there. But it seems to be a stigma against all of those who don’t like experimenting with food and flavors.

What about Punggol?

If you believe that Punggol is all about the seafood, well, you are most certainly wrong.

Seems like many Asians have really distinct palates for all Western foods and truly enjoy eating it. So, it’s not that shocking to see them ordering portion of smoked salmon, kebabs or poached eggs along with their cup of coffee at Punggol’s Cafes.

Well, you don’t have to be a food specialist to know that Wester and Asian cuisine is very different in taste, but the actual question is why?

The typical ingredients and recipes of culture are defined by the natural resources that are accessible for its use. So, it’s not surprising that Asian food is above all defined by an assembly of animals and plants that grew on the land for a long period of time.

Western recipes tend to balance flavors that ‘match’ while Asians tend to pretty much avoid the recipes where the ingredients have similar flavors.

There is also a difference in the quantity of serving, cooking methods, ingredients, and seasoning. But one thing you must keep in mind — just because you are not eating in Western countries, it doesn’t indicate it isn’t equally good because at Punggol they are just as proficient at creating delightful meals of Western cuisine. But you’ll need to try it by yourself.

You should never avoid eating what you feel like eating and wherever you are. That’s why Punggol is such an incredible place — you have a wide assortment of both Western and Asian cuisine, and the options of all kind of specialties are endless. The level of technique of the preparing the food and the delightful results are just one of the main reasons why you will want to visit again this place, but not the only ones because there are so many marvelous things awaiting your palate!


Banner-ClearIn the end, each cuisine is different in some kind of way and determining which food is better based just on the taste is entirely individual and it cannot be realistically determined. It all depends on your taste and requirements. When it comes to food, I really like to experiment with different flavors, so I don’t have a problem trying new stuff. When it comes to the best Punggol western food, I loved the Rise and Grind’s Bukit Timah Outlet. From the ambient to great food and wonderful coffee – but as I already said you need to try to by yourself. So, if you have the opportunity grab your table and enjoy.