Here is how Digital Identity verification can help the hospitality industry

The number of people travelling across the globe is increasing. Naturally, the demand for good quality hotels is also on the rise. For any guest, a hotel that gives them a seamless experience is definitely a good hotel. With more and more people becoming dependent on their mobile phones hotels must try to use technology where the guest can make use of their mobile phones for accessing different services. It is important that the hotels make use of the latest technology in order to provide the best experience to the guests.

A look at the digital process:

GTriip 2When the guest selects a hotel that makes use of the Hotel Mobile Check-In the guests can actually do the hotel booking remotely. All that the guest has to do is choose the room and scan the copy of his identity proof and make the payments.

Now when the guest will come to the hotel he or she does not have to meet the front desk executive. He simply needs to take a selfie. The Digital Identity verification technology will compare if the person in the selfie is the same as the one in the photo id. Once the identity of the guest is proved he will get the mobile room access key. He can make use of the mobile app for a number of other things like managing the different things in the room, to book and access different facilities in the hotel etc.

Digital identification technology- A great boon to the hotel and office industry:

The latest technology is letting the hotels and offices give a seamless experience to their guests and tenants. This, in turn, helps in improving the business of the hotel and offices. This office mobile access technology is also helping in making the life of the staff a lot easier. It is reducing the burden of documentation. The staff can use the time that they save for better things. It is helping in improving the productivity of the staff.

The hotel and office management industry is expected to be very courteous to the guests. Even if the guest is rude the staffs is expected to keep their cool. At the same time, the staff have to make sure that there is no compromise with the security of the guests. There are chances that antisocial elements can enter the hotel and this can be a threat to the security of the hotel. When a hotel makes use of the biometric technology the security aspect is managed with ease without hurting the sentiments of the customers.

The hospitality industry has to adapt to the new technology if they wish to provide the best service to its guests. According to reports those hotels which made use of technology where the guests could use their mobile phones for accessing the room, check in etc were given a better rating in user experience.

If you too want your hotel business to flourish then you need to make use of the latest technological innovations which help in providing better service to customers.