A look at the difference between law firms and group practice

A look at the difference between law firms and group practice

There are many reasons for which one may have to approach a lawyer. It can be for commercial disputes or for criminal cases or for civil issues etc. A lot depends on the lawyer that one chooses. If you want to get the best outcome then it is important that you choose the best lawyer.

Now the question is how to opt for the best lawyer? Should one opt for a solo lawyer or a law firm? One thing that you need to keep in mind here is that you need to choose a lawyer who has proven expertise and years of fruitful experience.

How to find the best lawyer?

Now you can get in touch with a law firm who can help you with the legal matter or you may also approach a group practice. Some of you may not be aware of group practice. Here you will find lawyers who can help you with different legal matters.

Understanding the difference between law firm and group practice:

A law firm is a business unit formed by one or more lawyers who will advice the clients on legal matters. Here the lawyers who have started the firm will be partners. They will have other lawyers who will be their employees.

In group practice the lawyers are not partners. They are also not employees of the group practice. They are advocates who have their own practice. They are self-employed. The major advantage is that you get to choose from different lawyers depending on the reason for which you want to take legal advice.

Whom should you hire?

The next thing is whether it is better to approach a law firm or is it better to opt for a group practice? In the case of group practice you have a choice of lawyers. You will find lawyers with different expertise under the same roof. You will find the best criminal lawyer in group practice and you will also find the best lawyer for resolving commercial disputes under the same roof. This is not something that you can get in the case of law firms. Many times you will find that a particular law firm has expertise in only criminal cases and may not be able to help you in the case of civil frauds. So overall it is always better to choose a group practice.

Here is the best group practice of Singapore:

Essex Court Chambers Duxton-3Your search for the best group practice in Singapore ends with Essex Court Chambers Duxton. They have a number of well qualified and expert members who have handled different types of cases. Whether it is banking and financial cases or criminal cases or civil frauds they have advocates who can help you with the same.

Next time you are facing any legal issues and need to hire the best advocate then instead of a law firm you can always opt for a good group practice that has good advocates who can provide the best advice.