How to buy craft beer the right way

So this is your first time out physically buying beer in person as opposed to buying alcohol online and you want to buy craft beer. You have no experience buying beer and you’re kind of confused.

Well, then you’re in luck because this article is for you. We know buying alcohol online is a different challenge than buying craft beer in real life. Therefore we have curated the best tips on how you can purchase the best craft beer around you.

Mistakes to avoid when buying craft beer.

There are certain steps you must take when shopping for craft beer. These steps, if taken, would increase your chances of getting the best quality beer on your first try.

  • Never forget to ask for a sample.always have a taste of what you want to buy before you actually commit. This way you can be sure you’re getting something you actually like and won’t be in for a nasty surprise.
  • Ask for a good recommendation while at your local craft beer brewery. They would give you some recommendations and you can opt to purchase if you’re satisfied with the quality of the beer you had.
  • Most times the craft beer would be served to you warm and not cold. Serving the beer at room temperature is important so that the flavours in the beer are able to come out.
  • Remember to always say how you feel after tasting a beer sample. Open communication is always important to ensure that everyone gets a satisfactory outcome from the negotiations.

elevate-755008-unsplashThese guidelines should help you successfully avoid the pitfalls when you try to purchase craft beer. As you can see it is quite different from buying alcohol online and is more hands-on.

How to select a good craft beer producer.

It is important to get a good producer or manufacturer so you can be sure of the quality of the beer you’re buying. Buying beer from a trusted source would enable you to be sure of the ingredients used in making the beer.

The price of beer is also another very important factor. Make sure the beer is not too pricey before buying. Some craft beers are just very expensive, it is important to look for an affordable seller with good quality before purchase.

The final characteristics you should look at before buying is satisfaction. If you are not impressed by the place, the taste of the brew or any other thing about the beer puts you off do a lot buy. Most times listen to your inner self and keep looking for another seller. Sometimes you just can’t put your finger on it.


Trying to buy craft beer is not at all an easy task. We have written this guide to ensure that you have the necessary knowledge you need before buying.

We hope that you follow these outlined steps carefully before you go out to buy beer. Don’t be rushed, read our guidelines carefully before embarking on your beer journey.