End vs. Corner Apartment: What is the Difference and Features?

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Some people are wary of buying a corner apartment, considering it unprofitable and unreasonable purchase. However, this type of housing has both a number of pros and cons. If you choose the right property in this category, you can save money and get a bright, cosy home. In this article, Canninghill Piers new condo experts will talk about how the end and corner apartments differ, determine the advantages of the latter, and learn about the top 3 rules of selection of this type of housing.

For some reason, some people try to avoid these properties. Some people think they are too cold or hot. Others are suspicious of raw walls and mould. But is it real that, the end and corner apartments are so bad? Let’s work it out together.

End real estate is a type of housing, where rooms occupy the entire end of the building and the walls act simultaneously on the outer side walls of the building. In the case of corner options – here the dwelling occupies the corner of the house and is located at the end, so that the side walls of the apartment building are simultaneously walls of rooms. There are no significant differences between them, except that the first is located along the premises, and the second – takes a corner.

Benefits of corner flats

  • Good natural light – usually in such housing more windows and sunlight better penetrate inside. Thanks to this room seems more spacious, the owner will have to spend less money on lighting in the daytime;
  • Less noisy neighbours – unlike other apartments you will not be surrounded by other people from all sides, so at any time of the day will be quiet and comfortable. Depending on the size of the walls of the living rooms may not be in contact with the neighbours at all.
  • Lower cost – the low popularity of corner plans determines the final price on both the secondary and primary markets. With the right approach, you can get a substantial discount from the owner or developer.
  • 1 battery – this condition is provided by sanitary standards to prevent possible loss of heat, as well as to prevent the appearance of fungus;
  • The beautiful ventilation of the space – because the windows of the Canninghill Piers new condo are located on different sides, you can ventilate the house well and fill it with fresh air faster
  • You can park under the windows – the owners of the corner property easier to leave the car under supervision and do not need to spend on the parking lot.

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Top 3 tips to choose the right corner apartment:

  1. Inspect the living quarters in the autumn-winter period to check exactly how warm the apartment is.
  2. Do not be afraid to touch the walls in the corner room with your hand to check the degree of their humidity and cooling. If the corner wall is colder than others and wet, check the outer corners and make sure there are no traces of mould or condensation
  3. And if suddenly the external or internal walls were insulated, always ask what material and how long ago. When the owner wisely approached the issue, the work used high-quality hydro and insulation, which will reduce heat loss in winter.