Disinfection of Restaurants, Bars, and Cafes

All restaurants, cafes, bars, food warehouses and shops are institutions that cater to the population. They are responsible not only for the taste of the products and dishes provided, but also for the safety of the consumer to whom they are provided.

Irresponsible attitude to cleanliness and non-observance of sanitary standards in sales areas, warehouses and kitchens can lead to the emergence of pathogens, rodents and insects that are causative agents of diseases such as viral hepatitis A, dysentery, helminthiasis, salmonellosis, etc.

Enterprises need to carry out disinfection, disinsection and deratization measures at least once a month for buildings related to providing food to the population. The presence of rodents, insects and infections in such buildings is fraught with the closure of the enterprise and the revocation of the license for the right to conduct economic activities.

The Pest control management company carries out complex work on disinfection, disinsection and deratization at enterprises that provide public catering. In the company, you can order both one-time services for the destruction of cockroaches, bedbugs, rats, mice and harmful microorganisms, and conclude a contract for these services on an ongoing basis.

Disinsection at catering establishments

The consequence of non-observance of sanitary standards at catering establishments is the appearance of cockroaches, flies and other insects. A reputed pest control company has all the preparations, equipment and permits necessary for the elimination and prevention of the appearance of insects.

Disinfection measures

There are many reasons for the appearance of pathogens. Among them are poor-quality dishwashing, poor cleaning, non-observance of personal hygiene rules by personnel, expired products and their improper storage. All these factors contribute to the emergence of pathogenic microorganisms and their entry into the human body.

Professional aerosol disinfection of premises will destroy various harmful viruses and microorganisms from all surfaces of interior items, as well as floors, walls and doors. Sanitation of premises and summer playgrounds is carried out by highly qualified specialists of pest control management services.

Compliance with sanitary standards in catering establishments and regular disinfection of work surfaces, warehouses, halls and technical premises will help prevent poisoning and outbreaks of such dangerous diseases as salmonellosis, dysentery and others.

Deratization at catering establishments

There is no need to explain how the appearance of a mouse in the hall will affect the reputation of the restaurant. In such a situation, a scandal is inevitable. If the owner is lucky and the mice do not appear in the hall, but peacefully exist in warehouses, food storage areas or in the kitchen, a scandal can be avoided, but food spoilage and the emergence of the most dangerous infectious diseases, carriers of which are rodents, will remain inevitable.

Deratization pest control professionals will help eliminate rodents and provide conditions for preventing their appearance in catering establishments. To carry out disinfection and deratization measures, the company’s specialists use exclusively safe and reliable drugs, tested and certified.

Do not neglect the health of customers and staff, preserve the reputation of your institution – order a professional disinfection company. If you have additional questions about disinfection from viruses and bacteria, you can call pest control experts. These specialists will consult and provide free professional advice on minimizing the spread of infections and safe destruction of dangerous pathogenic microorganisms.