The Effectiveness of Online Singapore PC Repair

In the present IT oriented world depending on the computers is a common scenario. The need for repairing PCs is increasing tremendously online. The online computer repairing services are becoming extremely popular with day and time. The exclusiveness of the service helps in relieving the most difficult task of dragging the whole machine to the […]

Tips to Keep in Mind when you Purchase a New iPhone

iPhones do not come cheap and it is one of the expensive phones to date. In fact, trade in iPhone has gone on to reach new heights. A small model The phones that have larger models tend to have superior storage capacity. It is sensible to purchase the basic model over the beefed version. Opt […]

Vizwiz: New Revolution of iPhone

The processing of iphone is quite different from normal android phones. But its database includes several unique and better characteristics. Here they announced the introduction of new application VizWiz, for the sake of people who are blind. Technology is not worthful if not fully able to complete the human needs. Companies are updating their services, […]

All about transceivers

Introduction A transceiver is basically a device which contains both, a transmitter as well as a receiver. Both these devices are combined to have a common circuit and is used in various fields. Devices contain a compatible transceiver according to their use and this helps them in having a two-way communication, with the transmitter sending […]

Here is how Digital Identity verification can help the hospitality industry

The number of people travelling across the globe is increasing. Naturally, the demand for good quality hotels is also on the rise. For any guest, a hotel that gives them a seamless experience is definitely a good hotel. With more and more people becoming dependent on their mobile phones hotels must try to use technology […]

Real-time applications of Optical fiber cables

Fiber optics or optical fiber cables are the medium and technology which are associated with the transmission of information as light along a glass or plastic strand or fiber. The glass fiber core and cladding have a different refractive index which bends the incoming light to a certain level. Moreover, the light signals don’t travel […]