Top things you didn’t knew about Nanyang Technological University

Are you planning to shift abroad for your further studies? If yes then Singapore can be the best place for you. There are a number of universities but Nanyang Technological University is the best because it is the world’s fastest-rising institution.

Being a fresher, you must have expected a number of things to achieve in your college life. By taking admission in this university you can surely fulfill all your dreams because from the last three years Nanyang Technological University has been positioned as the world’s top university.

Below-stated are few things about this university that you might not be aware of:

It is a foodie university

You will really be surprised after knowing that this campus has 25canteens, food courts, restaurants, cafes as well as fast food outlets.

If you are a foodie then you will surely have an amazing time here enjoying the food of McDonald’s, Starbucks, and also some Western, Japanese as well as local delights.

The entire campus is eco-friendly

The university has taken a mission of becoming the greenest campus in the world by 2022, while it has also set out three-phase in order to attain its goal.

Better than Google

Even after your graduation, it is sure that your mission for knowledge will continue. So being an NTU alumnus, you can easily access a number of library services of this university free of cost.

online-bookstores-with-delivery-to-singaporeYou can also find a large collection of books in the university library that is available on an online bookstores SingaporeYou can also apply for an alumni library membership to get some amazing privileges. Expand your knowledge for a higher chance in securing Singapore university scholarships.

The university is known to have cat café and a cat management network

The university has also set up a cat management network in order to feed, protect as well as rescue the injured cats, while the campus also has six cat cafes.

In 2009, Prof. Stephan Schuster of NTU was listed in Time’s top 100 most influential people

The professor was in Time’s top 100 most influential people because he worked on the Mammoth Genome Project which was very helpful in discovering the 85% of mammoth DNA sequences.

The university also has a technopreneurship center

In the year 2001, the university started a Nanyang Technopreneurship Center in order to encourage inter-disciplinary innovation & exchange. The center is known for running a number of technology entrepreneurship programs.

Students of NTU are amazing at martial arts

Inside the campus, you can find different clubs for shito-Ryu karate, aikido, judo, taekwondo, and silat. Students of NTU are very good at sports because a number of physical activities are conducted in the campus.

Therefore, the above-stated are a few lesser-known things about NTU.