Hair Replacement Systems and How They Work

Hair is one part of your body that defines you and how you look. Some even refer to it as the crown on one’s head. This is one of the reasons behind so many people investing in the hair industry to cater for the growing number of people who simply want to look fabulous. A great looking hairstyle is a simple thing that goes a long way in boosting self esteem, and for some people it goes further to determine how their day will go. Healthy shining hair is a good thing to have; it shows your body is in good health and makes you look and feel great. With that in mind, it then doesn’t come as a surprise when people who suffer from hair loss seek for solutions to the problem.

Hair replacement system

Hair loss

Hair growth rate is not the same for everyone, and for some, when they reach a certain age, it slows down, and in worst cases, the hair follicles no longer produce new hair. It is at such a point that hair loss happens, and before you know it, baldness takes root. Hair loss can also occur temporarily as a result of chemotherapy treatment for cancer or illnesses such as lupus. Treatment of hair loss is an important process that seeks to restore lost hairlines and to some level, someone’s self esteem. Many solutions for hair loss have been developed and one of these solutions is the use of the hair replacement system that creates realistic hair patches from either synthetic or natural human hair.

Replacement Systems

Hair replacement is one of the modern ways in which someone who has suffered some form of hair loss can obtain a look and feel that resembles real natural hair, without undergoing drastic measures such as surgery. One major advantage of this system is that it is possible to make your head look the same way it did before the hair loss. Hair replacements often make use of human hair that is attached to a fine and thin base, which is placed on the area of the head that’s missing hair with some form of adhesive. A good hair replacement system should not be easily recognizable on anyone’s head, and should look and feel as natural as the rest of the existing hair. Exposure to water or wind should also not cause the hair system to dislodge or change its character drastically.


The maintenance of hair replacements can be more demanding than would be the case for normal hair. This is because it normally needs special servicing in the form of cleaning, colouring, detangling and other forms of care such as trimming. You are often advised to have at least a set of two replacement systems with you at anytime, such that while one is undergoing the special care and maintenance, you will have another to put on. You replacement system is also going to need periodic adjustment as the rest of your hair grows so that it continues to blend well and stay secure.


Shopping for a hair replacement system is now easier than before thanks to their rising demand. You can get it directly from a retailer who deals with hair systems or from a manufacturer of the same. There are a variety of hair systems that a person can chose from depending on how you want to look and the size of your pocket. The best sources are those that custom make your hair replacements so that they specifically match your head, hair color, texture and level of loss.