Where to find a photo studio with auto changing backdrop?

Taking pictures of your family and loved ones is an amazing experience. It not only brings everyone together, but also reinforces the relationships and love. Family photography is definitely an extraordinary experience, but an equally exciting affair is commercial photography. Whatever be the objective of photography, backdrops play a very crucial role as they enhance the photographs by providing attractive backgrounds. These backdrops are available in a variety of styles and colors, and therefore it has become easier than ever to find backdrops according to your choice.


There are several photography studios in Singapore, where you may find several types of backgrounds for both novice and professional photographers. However, H2 Studio is the one of the best photo studio rental in Singapore where you’ll find auto-changing backdrops that make it easy for photographers to show off their creativity and capture amazing photographs. The studio is equipped with an auto – backdrop machine that lets the photographer change at least 5 different colors at any one time.

The colors and textures used in the backdrops will make your subject stand out. Most importantly, they don’t clash with the subject which means it will always stay in the focus. For example, if the model for commercial photography is wearing a light shade of pinkish and orange makeup, you can choose the backdrop color that harmonizes with that makeup and the model’s clothing. Another example is, if you want to have an outdoor shooting atmosphere for your modelling assignment, you need a backdrop that depicts mountains and sunshine since it will meet the subject’s purpose.

There are innumerable types of photography backdrops geared toward family, friends, kids and commercial photography projects. Some of the many include:

  • Landscape backdrops
  • Fanciful creature backdrops
  • Island themed backdrops
  • Bright color backdrops
  • Sports themed backdrops
  • Image enhancing blocky letters
  • Holiday themed backdrops
  • Abstract themed backdrops

All these backdrops are compatible with numerous photo-editing softwares, which makes post processing of photos very easy. Adobe Photoshop experts can easily add their own flavors in these backgrounds or enhance them without much effort. So, if you are looking for auto-changing backdrops or props for photography, H2 Studio is an excellent place where you can find all the modern digital equipments that will work great. H2 Studio offers the best collection of photography backdrops that can be used for different occasions to let your photographer take your photographs through your wildest dreams. With the availability of wide series of backdrops, you can make your image to adapt any events, themes or occasions.

H2 Studio specializes in providing creative photo solutions for a wide variety of events, both personal and commercial. We take special pride in our services and offer exciting studio rental packages for newborn photography in Singapore as well as maternity/family photography. No matter what’s the time of the year, our auto changing backdrops will allow you to shoot what you want and when you want it.