Vizwiz: New Revolution of iPhone

space gray iPhone X on blue surface

The processing of iphone is quite different from normal android phones. But its database includes several unique and better characteristics.

Here they announced the introduction of new application VizWiz, for the sake of people who are blind. Technology is not worthful if not fully able to complete the human needs. Companies are updating their services, to make life more comfortable.

What’s the news – we have several prostheses for the handicaps, but nothing can sublimate the vision. But maybe there is something that can? Here is the top news about the iPhone application VizWiz.

Let’s explore it – this application allows the blind people to take pictures, ask questions and a sound reply within 20 sec.

Web molds itself as the eye of a blind.


This is the important question to be answered very fast. Well here are the key points about the processing of this application.

Behind the app VizWiz, there is a team of computer scientists of the iPhone. Blind can take the picture of whatever that is bewildering them, then record the question like” what it defines “, then sending it to, they will get a reply within 20 sec.

How accessible it is. Improper working of the iPhone is now easy to fix because iPhone repair Punggol provides convenient services.



There are varieties of works that blind people can’t afford, without the use of eyes. it requires sight to separate the canes of vegetables and fruits, and so on. it was definitive that they require a sighted person at some time. the inability makes them little dependent on others. An app who works as their personal assistant would give them more dependence.

What when it comes to reading the address of the letter, quite difficult for computer intelligence. To combat this limitation scientists are working with Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, this is a system that will employ the people around the world, to compensate for this limitation of the computer.

Blind if ask something, he expects the quick response, here comes the major point of concern that is speed.

To solve this problem, such as how to fix a water damaged iPhone, the team wrote a program named quikTurkit, which continues to recruit the people before the asked question is sent, to ensure the availability of the person to hand answer. The average turnaround time of the question is 27 sec, which is a good achievement.


VizWiz, was often tested by the blind volunteers, and almost its results amazed the volunteers. One of them said; it would be very because always I got lots of frustration every time I need someone for the help, and I didn’t get anyone around me. Soon this application will rock the market.


Mobile phones made our lives easier, even now they are on the edge of making a sublimating agent for the blinds. VizWiz enables the blind to feel how to work independently.

You can imagine, the world, with independent blind people.