Is your thyroid OK?

Thyroid gland is in the front of the person’s neck, the shape of which is like a butterfly or a shield, the normal thyroid is very thin, generally in the neck and cannot be seen and felt. The thyroid is small, but it is the largest endocrine glands of human body, it plays an irreplaceable role in the human body’s growth and development. Today, thyroid nodules, thyroid cancer, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism and other thyroid problems more and more beset human.

Thyroid diseases patients are becoming younger and younger today. 

Thyroid diseases are harmful to people’s physical and mental health, due to environmental factors, lifestyle, work pressure and other reasons, now the number of patients with thyroid diseases in our country is increasing. Thyroid cancer in 2010 has been ranked sixth in the female malignant tumor, it is such a high incidence rate.

Thyroid cancer is preventable and curable and has low recurrence rate.

The incidence of thyroid cancer has been increasing year by year. Thyroid cancer can be divided into differentiated types, including papillary thyroid carcinoma, thyroid follicular carcinoma, low differentiated thyroid carcinoma and undifferentiated thyroid carcinoma.

“After the screening, patients who are diagnosed as thyroid benign tumor had better not to take the surgery, be as thyroid cancer, it is malignant tumor, regardless of the size, it should be got rid of by surgical resection,” experts say.

The relationship between thyroid disease and diet is indeterminacy.

In recent years, with the popularity of iodized salt, iodine intake increased. Along with the increase of iodine intake, we can see the rise of the incidence of thyroid diseases. But cannot say that the increase of morbidity is direct related to the iodine intake, there may be some correlation between them. While the lifestyle also has an important influence to the thyroid diseases, the rhythm of modern social life has led the young staff to bear the pressure from the family and work. We should advocate a regular life, scientific and reasonable diet, regular exercise, avoid long-term work or work late. This is beneficial not only for endocrine diseases and thyroid disease, but also for the prevention of almost all diseases.

Women’s thyroid disease incidence is three times higher than men’s, this may be related to the female hormone secretion, but the specific mechanism is still very clear now, this phenomenon is common in the general population. Therefore, you should at least know the thyroid cancer symptoms and take a look at the your thyroid often, it is also strongly recommended that people over 35 years of age should have a thyroid examination every year, and found that the problem can be diagnosed and treated in time.